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Preferential Policies

1Free Trade Port Tax Incentives:  tax exemption, low tax rate, simplified taxation policy.

For enterprises from encouraged industries, are entitled to a reduced corporate tax rate of 15%.

Talents are entitled to the personal income tax rate of 15%.

2Enterprise Tax Reward: enterprise operation subsidies will be given to enterprise for daily operation, recognition of high-tech enterprises, R & D investment, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, listing guidance, talent recruitment, payment of employee social security, purchase or lease of office space, etc. 

3Landing reward: for regional headquarters enterprises (operating income is not less than 1.5 billion RMB, and local financial contribution is not less than 30 million RMB) and high-growth headquarters (having core technology intellectual property rights and local financial contributions of not less than 8 million RMB), is eligible to one-time landing reward of 10 million RMB and 2 million RMB, respectively.

4Rental subsidy: the newly-located headquarters enterprise will be granted a rental subsidy of not more than 3 million RMB according to 50% of the first three years and 30% of the following two years. (Can be deducted through tax incentives)

5Stock Exchange Listing Reward: 30 million RMB for listing on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange (including the Science and Technology Board); 10 million RMB for listing on major overseas stock exchanges; 1.5 million RMB for listing in the national SME share transfer system; 300,000 RMB for listing on the trading board of the regional equity trading; the reward for the relocation of the Listed Company registration and taxation to Hainan province is 1 million RMB.

6Rental subsidies: 5,000 RMB / month for top-notch talents, 3,000 RMB/ month for other high-level talents (including the urgently needed technical and skilled personnel), 2,000 RMB/ month for master graduate, or those with intermediate professional titles 1500 RMB/ month.

7Housing Purchase Reward: Master-level talents, outstanding talents, and leading talents are freely given by the government the property rights of 200 square meters, 180 square meters, and 150 square meters of talent apartments; top-notch personnel, other high-level talents, undergraduate and graduate students will be awarded with 180,000 RMB, 108,000 RMB,  72,000 RMB, and 54,000 RMB respectively; Fullsing industrial park's international talent apartments are provided for park's talents at a discounted below the market price.