Hainan Fullsing Town Industrial Park Investment Management Ltd. (hereinafter “Fullsing”) is a well-known enterprise in Hainan, focusing on industrial investment and industrial park operation management with 190 million RMB registered capital, which has more than 500 employees, and integrated output value reached over 1 billion RMB. To help economic construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, Fullsing is positioned as “industrial ecological operator” and “comprehensive city service provider”. Currently, Fullsing has developed into a group company with various industrial sectors, including real estate development, commercial operation, property management, industry investment, hotel and catering, and fund management.

Fullsing Internet Industrial Park is operated by Hainan Fullsing Town Industrial Park Investment Management Ltd. The company aims at creating key industries gathering place for Hainan Free Trade Port with international standard, Hainan characteristics and perspective. In accordance with vision of “Interconnecting free trade port, developing industry strongs Hainan province.”, Fullsing takes the development of high-end talents as the demand and actively provides business, culture, tourism and other supporting facilities on the basis of providing excellent industrial carriers for the city.
  • Hainan Free Trade Port Haikou Fullsing Internet Industrial Park was listed.
    One of the key pilot parks of Hainan Free Trade Port.
  • Fullsing West-Coast Internet Headquarters Base started constructing.
    It is one of the second batch of key construction projects of Hainan Free Trade Port in 2018, which is deployed by Hainan government.
  • International offshore and Innovation building of Fullsing Internet Industrial Park
    The spirit of the “4.13” Important Speech of General Secretary XI Jinping and the Document No.12 of the Central Commitee proposed the establishment of Hainan International Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Zone. According to the planning needs of Hainan to build a pilot free trade zone (port), Fullsing is positioned to build a headquarters enterprise cluster area and an international offshore innovation and entrepreneurship service platform.
  • Leading Zone of Fullsing Internet Industrial Park
    Creating a leading zone, Fullsing focuses on combining the 12 major industries in our province to introduce well-known leading companies, such as Alibaba and iQiyi. While promoting the development of Hainan’s industry, Fullsing has fully promoted the innovative vitality of enterprises in the park-related business chain and stimulated innovation momentum.
  • Acceleration Zone of Fullsing Internet Industrial
    Park was Launched.
    The opening of the accelaration zone has realized the introduction of four major international brand accelarators represented by the Silicon Valley Canteen from the US, the Island Peak Innovation from Singapore, the Taiwan Youth Science and Technology Exchange Center and other 44 growth companies.
  • Fullsing Internet Innovation Park Opened
    The establishment of an incubation area has attracted eight well-known Internet incubators at home and abroad, including Alibaba Cloud Innovation Centrer, Optics Valley Venture Coffee, Microsoft Innovation Center, Garage Coffee, Youke Factory, Dark Horse Club, Geek Park, and Sina Roadshow Center and created a crowd-creation space gathering area.
  • Fullsing • China Agilawood Street
    China’s business, tourism and cultural development and innovation district. Incense cultural tourism market featuring high-end agilawood.